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Ask a Growler

Monday, February 18th
Ask a Growler

Welcome to the first edition of Ask a Growler. Following a practice earlier this month at Mile One Centre, Growlers insider Ryan Howell drilled Scott Pooley, Matt Bradley, Todd Skirving, Sam Babintsev and Alex Gudbranson of the Newfoundland Growlers with some fun questions to learn more about them away from the rink.

If you could choose your goal song, what would it be?

Pooley: Oh, man, you didn’t even prepare me for this one! All I can think of is ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’... does it have to be clean?  Maybe ‘We Dem Boyz’.

Bradley: That’s a hard question! Probably ‘T.N.T’ by AC/DC.

Skirving: ‘We are the Champions’

Babintsev: Something Russian

Gudbranson: Oh, that’s a good one – probably ‘Shoot to Thrill’ by AC/DC.

What’s the best part about living in St. John’s?

Pooley: I’d have to say the views. You don’t get those back home in Indiana. I live right up on a hill so I get to see the water and stuff everyday which is pretty cool

Bradley: The people and the vibe they give off.

Skirving: Probably the people of St. John’s ... and am I allowed to say George Street?

Babintsev: Avalon Mall

Gudbranson: Getting to see Rog (Brian Rogers) every day.

Who would be the worst roommate on the Growlers?

Pooley: Marcus Power hands down. The guy snores so loud.

Bradley: My current roommate Scott Pooley.

Skirving: Ilya Nekolenko

Babintsev: Ruby (Kristians Rubins)

Gudbranson: James Melindy for sure

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Pooley: When people chew too loudly it bothers me. If I’m just trying to have a nice meal and you can kinda hear them across the room, it’s tough.

Bradley: Marcus Power

Skirving: Ilya Nekolenko’s cologne

Babintsev: Nothing – I’m a happy guy

Gudbranson: Probably people who drive too slow in the left lane. Those people are the worst.

If you weren’t playing hockey for a living, what would you be doing?

Pooley: Probably doing something with economics. That was my degree in school, so maybe working in the financial district in Chicago.

Bradley: Living in Hawaii surfing

Skirving: Playing baseball

Babintsev: Something business

Gudbranson: That’s a good one – I have no idea! Something that involves watching hockey.

If you could be a professional athlete in a different sport, what would it be?

Pooley: I played baseball growing up, but I’ve always said tennis. I love watching tennis, it’s just so exciting and pretty cool.

Bradley: Is surfing a sport?

Skirving: Baseball

Babintsev: Soccer

Gudbranson: Baseball

What’s your go-to cheat meal?

Pooley: Any kind of dessert. Cookies, cakes, you name it. If it’s in front of me I’m eating it.

Bradley: I’m a big breakfast guy, so maybe eggs benny.

Skirving: Sushi, if you consider that a cheat meal.

Babintsev: Burger from Burger King or McDonalds.

Gudbranson: I’d probably have to say pizza from Venice Pizza.

Stay tuned next month to the Growlers website and social media channels for the second edition of Ask a Growler.

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