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Ask a Growler : Part 2

Monday, February 18th
Ask a Growler : Part 2

Welcome to part two of Ask a Growler. Growlers Insider Ryan Howell caught up with Michael Garteig, Josh Kestner, Zach O’Brien, Evan Neugold and Ryan Moore of the Newfoundland Growlers earlier this month to learn more about them away from the rink.

If you could choose your goal song, what would it be?

Garteig (changed to choose your song after a big save): ‘Enter Sandman’ by Metallica

Kestner: Maybe ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, it’s something that reminds me of home.

O’Brien: ‘Rock and Roll Train’ by AC/DC

Neugold: ‘Happy Now’ by Kygo

Moore: Honestly, I like the music we play here. The Newfoundland songs have really grown on me, so maybe ‘Heave Away’ or ‘The Islander’.

What’s the best part about living in St. John’s?

Garteig: The unique culture. It’s such a different place here and the people are so awesome.

Kestner: To be honest, I really like the accents here. I like when people say ‘yes by’.

O’Brien: The people. You can run into anyone on the street and have a half-hour conversation with them like you’ve known them for 10 years

Neugold: The scenery. This place is beautiful and it’s fun to get out there and walk around.

Moore: I think the scenery and culture are way different than where I’m from in Detroit. You don’t get these views anywhere back home. It’s a really beautiful place here.

Who would be the worst roommate on the Growlers?

Garteig: Probably Marcus Power because he snores so loud.

Kestner: From what I’ve heard, Marcus Power is a pretty bad snorer so I’ll go with him.

O’Brien: Marcus (Power). He snores like an animal.

Neugold: Gotta be Power. I’ve heard he snores like a maniac.

Moore: Marcus Power is a big snorer. He’s my roommate on the road.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Garteig: I’m a pretty clean and organized guy, so I’d say people that are messy.

Kestner: Slow drivers

O’Brien: I hate when someone isn’t on time. If they say something is happening at six o’clock, I expect it to happen at six.

Neugold: Open mouth chewing

Moore: Loud chewers

If you weren’t playing hockey for a living, what would you be doing?

Garteig: Probably coaching or teaching. I have a master’s in education, so maybe I’ll utilize that when I’m done playing hockey.

Kestner: I would do law enforcement. When hockey is all said and done, I want to be a cop or a federal agent.

O’Brien: Maybe playing soccer. I grew up playing soccer and loved it just as much as hockey, but around 14 I had to make a decision on which one to stick with and I went with hockey.

Neugold: Building houses

Moore: I’d still want to be around the game, so maybe a sports management role like an agent or a scout. 

Why do you wear your jersey number?

Garteig (#34): I wore it in college. I’ve been about 10 different numbers since turning pro and I was reunited with it this year.

Kestner (#26): I wore 6 as a kid, but when I came here it was taken. Then I tried 16 but that was taken, so I kept going until I found the first number with a 6 in it so 26 it is.

O’Brien (#10): I wore it my first three years pro, and the last couple years someone else already had it but I was able to go back to it this year.

Neugold (#8): It was given to me. I wore #8 in high school, but usually, I’m #29.

Moore (#40): I was a huge Henrik Zetterberg fan growing up going to a lot of Red Wings games, so I’d say that played a big role in it.

What’s your go-to cheat meal?

Garteig: I’m a big sweets guy so ice cream and cookies for sure, but I love the wings here from The Bigs.

Kestner: Ramen noodles

O’Brien: Pizza

Neugold: I love pizza, but it’s hard to find the kind I like here. I love chicken bacon ranch pizza.

Moore: I love pizza or any Italian food really.

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