Party Boxes

Party Boxes

Bring your party to the rink! Whether it's a birthday party, team event or any other group outing, our Party Boxes offer groups the perfect setting to take in a Growlers game together.

For availability or any further questions regarding Party Box bookings, contact our ticketing team via email at


Option A: 12 Person Party Box
Includes 12-person admission, 2 large pizzas & 12 assorted soft drinks

$300.00 plus taxes and fees 

Option B: 18 Person Party Box
Includes 18-person admission, 3 large pizzas & 18 assorted soft drinks

$450.00 plus taxes and fees 

Add Ons: 

Birthday Party Add On - $100 plus taxes and fees

Includes a birthday cake, small birthday gift, jumbotron birthday greeting and a PDF copy of printable Growlers invitations!

Overflow Add On - $15 + tax per person, $17 + tax per person on day of game

This is additional seating in front of our party boxes for anyone who would like to join that will not fit in the party box based on numbers (ex: parents of children participating in a birthday party) – these people can still access the party box however we cannot have more than either 12 or 18 people in one box at a time based on your box size selection.

Don't need a party box but want to wish that special someone a Happy Birthday during a Growlers Game? For a $20 donation to Growlers Give, your greeting will appear on the scoreboard at the beginning of the first intermission.